Enfocus Security specializes in custom installation of high quality fire and security equipment.

  • All equipment is tailored to fit your specific needs
  • Professional customer service for both residential and commercial security
  • Information security (InfoSec) to protect your digital data also available
  • Competitively priced monitoring services for all of our Security Services
  • (Physical Security, Access Security, Information Security)
  • Licensed by the State of Texas, (B18610/1840485)
Enfocus Security for Commercial Offices and Residential Homes

Information Security


The first thing that comes to mind when small business thinks about information security is Anti-Virus software. That’s a great start for your business. We can help you with it, even if that’s all you want.

But if you have more than one computer, link your business systems into other private or public networks, and have sensitive information in your files…than you need more than anti-virus protection.

Network Security

Starting with all of the end-points in your own network – desktops, laptops, tablets, cellular phones, printers, storage devices, etc. – each should be secure AT THE NETWORK LEVEL!

Software Applications, firewall to the outside world, encrypted data, backups onsite and offsite, user access, all of these need to be secured if you want to provide information security.

Your business depends upon the integrity of its data – from payroll records to financial accounting, to marketing and sales information. Privacy laws demand security around customer data.

If you have more than one computer or the one you have is connected to the internet,
you should call us and talk with someone about information security.

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