Enfocus Security specializes in custom installation of high quality fire and security equipment.

  • All equipment is tailored to fit your specific needs
  • Professional customer service for both residential and commercial security
  • Information security (InfoSec) to protect your digital data also available
  • Competitively priced monitoring services for all of our Security Services
  • (Physical Security, Access Security, Information Security)
  • Licensed by the State of Texas, (B18610/1840485)
Enfocus Security for Commercial Offices and Residential Homes

Residential Security



Enfocus Security can install and monitor security devices throughout your home and its exterior.

Our monitoring service operators are trained to respond 24/7 to alarms at your home which are communicated to them over the cellular networks in real time. They will call your house and depending on the response received can immediately contact the local fire and/police authorities giving notice to them of an incident in progress.

Pictured here are just some of the standard devices that we install.

Enfocus provides a diverse assortment of security options to keep your family safe. Our fire security services include installation and monitoring as well as detection for fire, smoke/heat, carbon monoxide, and gas to allow your family to prepare for a disaster before it strikes. We also provide security system installation and monitoring which include remote home monitoring and home automation services to keep you feeling secure. Enfocus’ home surveillance systems include network based (IP Digital Video), digital video recording and intelligent video as well as an access control system containing visitor management and proximity readers. Finally, we provide intercom installation system with door release, video entry, and hands free communication.

Enfocus can design and install state-of-the-art detection systems throughout your home.


Fire Detection

Enfocus installs fire detection systems that offer both value and performance for any size residence.


Video surveillance provides both a visual deterrent to potential criminals as well strong evidence if needed for investigations. Video surveillance also gives you real-time monitoring of your home both locally and remotely.

Interactive Systems

Our security systems can be interactive in many ways. Our 24/7 Monitoring Service is constantly on the alert for any incidents that are reported and will immediately contact your home and interact with you.  Our systems can also be installed so that they are always available to you online – from your smartphone, laptop or desdtop, or some other web device.  This real-time availability provides what is called home automation, where you can control such devices as lighting, garage doors, even the thermostat on your HVAC system.

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Enfocus Security specializes in custom installation of high quality fire and security equipment to fit your specific needs. Licensed by the State of Texas, (B18610/1840485), we provide professional customer service as well as competitively priced fire and security monitoring.